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    Tum Mere Ho - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Aamir Khan - Juhi Chawla

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    A rich landlord called Chaudhary (Sudhir Pandey) kills a baby Cobra in front of its mother to take possession of a pearl on her head. Mother Cobra (Kalpana Iyer) curses Chaudhary and his son Guddu dies after a snake, bites him. However, Guddu mysteriously survives after a Tantrik finds his body. Years later, Guddu now known as Shiva (Aamir Khan), falls in love with Paro (Juhi Chawla). Paro's father opposes to the union and claims that Paro is a widow as her husband had died in her childhood and hence cannot marry again. Will the two young hearts be able to stay united against the wishes of their families and the society's opposition?