Mr. Sandless Ocean County NJ Complaint Free Zone

PROCESSED OUR FLOORS IN ONE DAY!!! Our hardwood floors are AT LEAST 50 years old. They have taken a lot of abuse over the years, were dried out and dull and had paint spills on them. Mr Sandless processed our floors in one day. The floors look more beautiful then I could have hoped for. The paint spills are gone, the natural color of the wood is back, and there is a beautiful shine! Thank you! Michelle S.

I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP ANY DUST!!! We wanted to refinish our living room and dining room to match color of the hardwood in the other rooms of our house. Mr Sandless came in to sand and matched our floors color beautifully to the rest of the house. They were finished in one day. I didn't have to clean up any dust. They left nothing behind for us to clean up. There were no odors afterwards. Our floors are beautiful. I highly recommend Mr Sandless. Larry and Jean B.