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Director: Video Ink

Mankind, bound by his evil acts - tries to free himself. Only for Mother Nature to take back whats rightfully hers...

Our debut music video for our track 'We That Should Not Be'. Produced/Shot/Cut by Video Ink 2011.

© All rights for the this material are reserved for Amongst Carrion only.

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Josh Lewis (AJ)-Vox
Dan Coppuck - Lead Guitar
James Hampson - Rhythm Guitar
Dan Pugh - Bass
Scott Waters - Kit


So tell me
so tell me

Is a whisper in the silence like dying inside
there are no words to describe the emptyness
this life is meaningless
this life is meaningless
there are no hours left
in the hourglass
Theres nothing left
only nothingness
your fucking tears show hopelessness

The tides will come and wash us all away
an earth like cleansing

The disgust of human nature will be
be left in the past like history

one by one
the infection would be destroyed
cleaning the streets
of the evil and the weak

Mother nature a beautiful force
Mother nature a beautiful force
Mother nature a beautiful force
Mother nature a beautiful force

I hate this world with you in it
the world hates you with you in it

we are all bastard children on a beautiful planet
but we cause its rage every night and everyday

The sky would glow an evil red
storms would rage the land
leaving us all for dead

The sky would cry
causing tidal waves
another way of getting rid of the plague

It hit the land sweeping you away
drowning the scum under oceans waves

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