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    Land Of Vandals - "Roar Shark"(Live 2011) Joe Guerilla


    by BlankTV

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    Director: Joe Guerilla

    From the director: Land Of Vandals is the latest incarnation of Jentri Colello's excellent Madison based Indie Rock outfit.

    Formerly known as Flight, and before that Flatbear, Land Of Vandals creates soulful sonic landscapes that slowly grow and evolve. These guys can capture a mood with a level of finesse rare among their peers.

    The song "Roar Shark", captured here at the Union Terrace in Madison, WI (while they were still called Flight), is a perfect example of the way they use minimal layers to craft gorgeous arrangements. No one is playing much, but together the parts bond just right to make the song highly engaging.

    Towards the end of the tune the vocal interplay between Lead singer Jentri Colello, guitarist Phil Feutz and now former drummer Gabe MacNeil reaches an edgy elegance that really makes the song (for me).

    Here's a rundown of the new lineup:

    Jentri Colello: Guitar/Vocals/Snow angels
    Phil Feutz: Guitar/Organ/Skateskiing
    Tony Messinger: Organ/Guitar/Pink pants
    Casey Foubert: Drums/Adjunct faculty
    Robby Schiller: Drums/Worm colony

    I have yet to capture any footage of the band with their new members, but trust me I'll be getting on that soon enough.

    If this one looks familiar, then you have probably seen the less finished cut that I previously posted. This is a new and improved cut of the live video released months ago when the band was still called Flight.

    At the time of original release I had thought the board audio was lost and made due with the camera audio. I used it, but was never happy with it.

    But recently I recovered a better recording of the performance and felt the video had to be redone with updated coloring, titles, and a great new audio master.

    Hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out the Land Of Vandals FB Page: