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    Electronic Emotions Mrs Jynx Tribute

    Tunaru Mihail

    by Tunaru Mihail

    Mrs Jynx (named in tribute to a friend's cat) is the pseudonym for electronic musician/producer Hannah Davidson from Manchester. Posting her music on myspace brought her to the attention of Planet Mu Records and her debut album 'The Standoffish Cat' followed in the summer of 2008. The album has been described as 'beautifully retrogressive and melodic electronica'.
    Electronic Emotions 11 Mrs Jynx Tribute
    01.Mrs Jynx - Kites
    02.Mrs Jynx - Dusty
    03.iAM9 & Mrs Jynx - Morning Sun
    04.iAM9 & Mrs Jynx - All The Things
    05.iAM9 & Mrs Jynx - Move On
    06.Milieu - Summer Friends (Mrs Jynx Remix)
    07.Bjork - Aurora (Mrs Jynx and Acidburp Redo)
    08.Mrs Jynx - Silky
    09.Mrs Jynx - Reminds Me Of Snakes
    10.Mrs Jynx - Trigger For A Train Of Thought
    11.Mrs Jynx - Something Which Was Everything
    12.Skytree - Blue Verve Vein (Mrs Jynx Remix)
    13.Oxynucid - Knitting Sleep (Mrs Jynx remix)
    14.Mrs Jynx - Labryinths(Remix of Ourson)