Verdi -Otello ''Una vela ,Una vela! '' - Most popular Choral Parties by Soprano xxAtlantianKnightxx

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The storm raged in Cyprus, or the expected return of Othello, the port, the crowd observes his ship struggling against the waves.


Nicholia! My love is a burning candle it is not always easy to handle so it burns me but it is too beautiful and you makes celebrations on my life so meaningful ! you are like a sunset burning me with romance.
By Alex 2 years ago
Nicholia ! the moment i think about you i go to another world , world where you love me too and where I can never be hurt .The truth is i don’t know what to say my mind goes completely blank , never in my life lost my way but my heart with your love simply sank !
By Alex 2 years ago
Je t'aime sans savoir comment, ni quand, ni d'où. Je t'aime sans détour, sans complexités ou de fierté, de sorte Je t'aime parce que je ne connais pas d'autre moyen que ceci: là où je n'existe pas, ni vous, si près que ta main sur ma poitrine est ma main, si près que vos yeux se ferment que je m'endors.
Je t'aime, baisers, Je t'aime, baisers, Je t'aime,
By Nicholas Antony 2 years ago
Είστε λαμπρό
By Abraham 2 years ago
Μου αρέσει αυτό το βίντεο, πολύ επινοητικοί.
By JUDAS COHEN 2 years ago
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