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Artist BIO (AVROS)

Hello everyone, my name is Avros, but in the real world I am known as Shane, living in Sydney, Australia. I was born the two days before Dahomey, now known as Benin, becomes independent from France. And on the same day the 1st AFL preseason game Boston Patriots defeat Bills in Buffalo (28-7). I also share my birthday with Richard Linklater, American filmmaker. I could just tell you, but that would spoil the fun. I am a comedian at heart and love a good time with a touch of humour.

From as far as I can tell, my artistry started when I could draw on the walls of my parents house in crayon, then suddenly it stopped - not sure why! I am guessing they wouldn't let me hold another crayon again until I was out of the house and in my own place. At school I would amaze others with my chalk and charcoal drawings, until I was almost expelled for one of my drawings of a teacher in the nude - never quite understood what the fuzz was about... AVROS

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