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    Episode 1 - Ready, Set, Go - Busking in Australia (English)

    June Caravel

    par June Caravel

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    Busking in Australia - Episode 1 - Ready, set, go!

    To busk (/bʌsk/) intr.v. busked, busk·ing, busks. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

    June Caravel is parachuted in Australia, a country she's never been to.

    Rule n°1: She can only use the money she earns while busking to eat, sleep and tour Australia.
    Rule n°2: She must be back in Sydney to catch her return plane 2 months later.

    June Caravel is driven by Gaëlle Buswel to the Paris Charles De Gaulle airport on Friday 11th May in the morning. 24h later, she arrives in Australia at 6.35pm in Sydney on Saturday 12th May and she meets Moéa Neuville at Sydney airport who will film her during the 2 months. They don't know each other and have met through Internet. June withdraws money to survive until Monday morning.

    They arrive at Jimi Polar's, their host for the week, met through the site He left the key for them while he was having dinner outside and June and Moéa are waiting for him at the next door restaurant. Jimi is a DJ and a musician. On Sunday, June visits the city with Moéa and starts looking at the pitches to busk.

    June must go on Monday morning at 9am at the Glebe Town Hall to obtain her busking license. Will she get it? Find out in the next episodes of Busking in Australia...

    With the participation Gaëlle of Buswel, Moéa Neuville and Jimi Polar.
    Filmed by June Caravel, Gaëlle Buswel and Moéa Neuville.
    Edited by June Caravel.
    Produced by Paris upon Thames Ltd.

    Copyright Paris upon Thames 2012.

    'Primavera' and 'I'm gonna put some make up on'
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