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    FUKUSHIMA, through the Eyes of Children [Part2/4]: "Looking Back on 2011"/子どもたちが見た福島[Part2/4]「2011年を振り返る」


    tokyobrowntabby より

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    This video is part of a web media program webcasted by OurPlanet-TV( on January 2, 2012, as its new year's special edition. The original title of this program is "What Will Our Future Be?: Nuclear Power Plants and Radiation Seen through the Enes of Children."

    I translated some parts of the program and created a series of 4 short subtitled videos:
    Part 1/4: "How the Disaster Transformed Me"
    Part 2/4: "Looking Back on 2011"(this video)
    Part 3/4: "Children's Opinion Poll"
    Part 4/4: "Let's Go to A Nuke Plant"

    Translation and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.