Bobby Dirninger / Tom's Band / live Vertigo

Antoine Fontaine
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Live 14/04/12 Vertigo Limoges (France)
with Antoine Fontaine, Pierre Nouhaud, Stephane Rocher,Thomas Hilaire
(thanks to Matthieu Burreau and Pierre Jandaud for captation ; video editing and sound by Antoine Fontaine)

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New Album (2012) coming out "The Book"

lyrics :

Every sunday, by the old town's abbey
Tom's band get together for some music and some reefer
He lives on the 3rd floor, they're all kind of poor
Well money doesn't matter, when you got this kind of brothers

Everybody seems to have a connection with the stars
Evereybody here lives for the music
they gonna make you feel good
They really made me feel good

They ain't Casanovas, but the guy with the congas
Well the banjo sounds a bit false
when it's picked by Tom on "Duck Waltz"
Then comes Louie, he plays the fiddle on his knee
And they invite me then to play some
old tunes i sang when i was young

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