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    Vadhu varulu Fight Scene

    Cine Curry

    by Cine Curry

    Watch the exclusive Action Scene from the movie Vadhu varulu.

    Vadhu Varulu is the movie about the rivalry between two families. The children of these two families Chandrashekar (Giri Babu) and Rama (Bharati) are in deep love with each other, but when Rama's mother comes to know about their love she disagrees for their marriage. But suddenly they come to know that Rama is pregnant so they go to Chandrasekhar's house with marriage proposal. Chandrasekhar's father Shankaram (Allu Ramlingaiah) cleverly acts as if he has agreed for the marriage and then kidnaps his own son to stop the marriage. What happened next? Did Rama and Chandrasekhar ever meet again, forms the rest of the story.