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    Wood Floor Refinishing Raleigh, NC


    by mrsandless_raleigh

    WE OPENED UP ON TIME THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! I couldn't afford to close my restaurant for days to have the floors refinished. Mr. Sandless, Raleigh, NC, worked magic overnight! There was nothing to clean up and no odor. We opened up on time the very next day! Miguel - Cary, NC

    THEY WERE HAPPY TO DO WHAT WE COULD AFFORD We are on a very tight budget. I thought we had no choice but to live with our ugly wood floors. Mr. Sandless, Raleigh, NC, was happy to do what we could afford. George and Missy - Durham, NC

    A GREAT AND QUICK RESULT!!! With a very tight school budget, Mr. Sandless, Raleigh, NC, promised a great and quick result. Exceeded my expectations and saved us over 40%. Bob S. - Raleigh, NC