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    1967 SHELBY GT500 Hot Wheels review by CGR Garage


    by CGRgarage

    1967 Shelby GT500 Hot Wheels review. Classic Game Room presents: CGR Garage reviews 1967 SHELBY GT500 Hot Wheels from Mattel, a dope suped-up Ford Mustang that kicks so much ass it deserves an ass-kicking prize with an ass-kicking ribbon built of asses. This green Shelby GT500 HotWheels has a green paint job and twin beige / gold racing stripes to accent the bad-assitude. CGR Garage video review of Hot Wheels Shelby GT500 HotWheels video review footage of close up detail, macro HD video details and commentary about the quality this Hot Wheels car from Mattel, the muscle car green '67 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang car from 1967 (the car, not the Hot Wheels).