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    Wedding Gifts Thief Caught in Germany

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Wedding Gifts Thief Caught in Germany - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Wedding time is full of fun and excitement for all involved. In this particular case, there was someone else feasting as well.

    A thief in Germany was recently caught after over 300 robberies and weddings were his favorite targets.

    He is said to have operated mostly in the South part of Germany.

    The Local, Germany notes - "during one hit on a car parked outside a restaurant where a couple were throwing their wedding reception he made off with a pile of gift envelopes containing €4,000, as well as two mobile phones."

    This is not the first time someone has targeted weddings.

    ABC2 News reported on one incident in which a woman stole cash, checks and gift cards from a reception in Maryland. This took place while those present were busy preparing for the reception.

    The Daily Mail noted in yet another such scenario where someone didn't even wait for the wedding day. The robber snuck into the church the night before the wedding and stole wedding rings, clothes, and other jewelry.

    So what does this all mean - next time you have a wedding in your family, make sure you are not a soft target for prying eyes.