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    by MassageNerd


    Your Perpetual Search For Quality Affordable Royalty Free Music Is Over

    Its a process youre all too familiar with: Youre standing in a cd shop,spending time looking at and listening to cds which may work for you in your massage or spa treatments. At $15-$25 a pop you choose one or maybe two, take them to your place of employment, and enjoy them for a period of time perhaps a month or maybe half a year, or it may be one of those rare gems you end up loving forever. But you still are left wanting more variety, so a couple of months later you find yourself back in the cd shop for an hour or more, leave behind another $15-$25 with another hour or two of new music in hand.

    Youve just dropped $30-$60 within a couple of months, and what did you get for it? A couple of hours of music. That $60 would buy you a full year membership at ASOMAssageMusic, where you can download up to 24 hours of new music each year.

    Hassle Free - Risk Free

    And did you know that as a professional, you are liable for royalty fees on any music you play in the course of business operation, same as any radio station? Its next to impossible to enforce, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) do have the power to show up at any time
    to monitor what music youre using and whether youve paid due royalties to the artists. With your ASOMAssageMusic Membership, youll never be hassled for these royalty fees.

    Lock In Your Membership

    ASOMAssageMusic is a brand new service, currently offering a special pre-launch opportunity for the 1st 50 customers. You'll have the opportunity to test our Premier Music Stream and be part of an exclusive group given the chance to participate with feedback, helping us to cater to your needs specifically and personally. We've extended our pre-launch introductory til Mayl. For those who get in Now for the $1 trial and remain with us, your $4.95 monthly membership fee will be locked in when we officially launch in May - the price for new members will jump to $9.95/mo.

    Enjoy access to our entire ever-expanding relaxation music library. We guarantee new fine quality original music every month from more and more artists - you get the variety you're looking for while saving yourself time and money.

    With tracks ranging from 3 minutes to 1⁄2 hour in duration, your music needs for treatments of any length are in good hands with your ASOMAssage Music Membership.

    Our full service, scheduled to launch in May, will roll out additional benefits, including direct iPhone downloading, access to our Premier Music Stream, and more choice featuring new artists plus brand new music from Asoma.

    We've all heard generic sounding relaxation music. Ours carries an organic, fluid quality, and is created by seasoned musicians in a solar-powered Earthship facility.