Aval Appadithan - 3

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by Suresh

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hi suresh..

i startd listenin to ur podcasts only a month ago..i came across the podcast abt aval appadithaan movie..n the dialogues..i would like to leave a comment abt that last dialogue..
even im a feminist..(that has a different sense to every individual..)..a girl can be happy until she is nt conscious watz happenin around her..again definition of happiness is upto an individual..bt in our society tats true..last generation women were happy because they dont think much..they were happy with kitchen..also they r easy to be satisfied..their happiness is in the saree n a gold necklace that their husband get for them..
santhosam evlo easya kedachurukku paarunga..

bt ippo,for ppl like me do u think if our husband gets us a saree v will forget everything n be happy..never..
neraya visayangala antha oru line dialogue sonna maathiri irunthathu enakku..tats true in many ways..
ok fine..i like ur thoughts n efforts..
By sara 6 years ago
good film
By shakthim 7 years ago
eww watt the fuck is this?!?!
By spoiled_bitch01 8 years ago
I'll reply your comment if you finish 2nd grade.
By Suresh 8 years ago