Cheating husband caught in affair when wife receives benefits notice for his love children

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A wife who tolerated her cheating husband's first illegitimate child caught her spouse in an extramarital affair again after she found he had fathered three more love children — eight years later and with the same mistress.

The wife, whose unfaithful husband owns a bookstore in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, found out about the three new illegitimate children in February after she received a notification of approval for government child support subsidies, something she had never applied for.

Suspicious, she went to the household registration office to apply for an updated copy of her household registration, and was shocked to find three extra children on the form. It turns out her husband's mistress — who had previously borne him a lovechild eight years ago — gave birth to triplets in December.

The wife is now suing the adulterers for adultery and home-wreckage.