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    Lights - Ellie Goulding Piano Canvas (Cover)


    by edwiamffcu

    "Canvas: to recreate, re-produce, or re-make a song by adding, removing, composing and/or modifying Instrumental or Vocal parts, with an emphasis on Improvisation. Referred to as "canvasing"- An analogy that references the song of choice as a "canvas," while the instrumentalist or musician paints on top to create a new and unique proliferation, unlike any other version heard before. A 21st century approach to the Cover Song." - Srawat "Sunny" Promyotin Multi-Instrumentalist, and Super-Producer, Sunny Promyotin transforms this popular song into a living entity of it's own . An acoustic spin with a hint of R&B & Hip Hop, Sunny brings a different color to this this already beautiful song. Using his delicate ear in harmony to formulate intense melodic and chordal structure, the song takes on a new identity. Piano (Keyboard) - Srawat "Sunny" Promyotin. Executive Producer - Srawat "Sunny" Promyotin, Michelle Promyotin. Producer - Jake Stockley, Jonathon Stockley, and Eric Keith Low