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    Lile marlene british version vera lynn

    carl trevor jones

    by carl trevor jones

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    (oh thank you very much for this
    By amberq0x6 years ago
    I have it sung in French Edith Piaff just as powerful.
    By tantalus4u7 years ago
    philbowl c'est pas possible ce que tu dis le premier pays de l'est qu'ils ont envahi à partir de 39 c'est la pologne , la hongrie bulgarie et roumanie avaient signés un pacte militaire avec les allemands ils se sont alliés avec eux
    By sgt_thomas8 years ago
    carl trevor jones
    well i trawled the internet to get these pics i was concerned to get the era right although the 1st are from ww1 remainder ww2 they cover germany barracks. places not known and different pics russia eastern europe
    By carl trevor jones8 years ago
    could you say where the photos are from please?
    By cmoouk8 years ago
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