1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video - Do You Know This Man ? Help Identify


by anonymousgirl33

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One Lunatic One Ice Pick Video. Do You Know This Man ? Help us Identify.


And please, Luka, DO NOT kill yourself before they catch you. I'm sure your punk-ass has considered it in a "worst case" scenario. But please don't do it. I don't want you to get off that easy. The world wants to watch you suffer. We want to see you locked away, tortured, dehumanized...we want you to die at OUR hands. So stay strong, Luka! Don't pull that trigger, or step off that ledge, or tie that rope. It would be a shame
By j5ize 3 years ago
▼▼▼Oh hey Luka. I can't wait for you to get what's coming to you. Remember how Jeffrey Dahmer died? I can't wait to read the reports of Luka Magnotta being murdered by an inmate or inmates at whatever prison you're eventually going to end up in. But just my luck, they'll stick you in protective custody for the rest of your life. I bet you can't wait for that. Are you looking forward to this bright-ass future of yours, you sick fuck? I know I am
By j5ize 3 years ago
Luka Magnotta?! As if it could be HIM. Somebody is framing him.
By ct4 3 years ago
It's Luka Magnotta

By j5ize 3 years ago