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Gainesville, FL - "Bands always say that the newer material is the strongest. We've made jokes about it before from the stage. BUT in this case these five songs are something that we are proud of and think are the strongest we've had in a long time," says LESS THAN JAKE drummer Vinnie Fiorello with such conviction that you know he's being completely honest. One listen to their new EP Greetings From... (their first new material since 2008's GNV FLA) and you'd agree. Released this morning (June 20, 2011) on their own label Sleep It Off Records, this also marks a major step forward in the artist-released business model in that all profits made from its sale return directly to the band - no middleman involved. "The Greetings From... EP is the first release from Sleep It Off that we are selling direct to fans with no distribution channels. Every dollar that is made goes directly to funding future Less Than Jake projects," he explains. "Usually there is a funnel that income goes through before it gets to the band. This time around there is no funnel." Greetings From... will be sold directly to fans digitally at the band's website www.lessthanjake.com as well as the merch table during 2011 Vans Warped Tour and subsequent tours afterward.

A return to form without backtracking, Greetings From... breathlessly amps up the ska and punk in five tracks of the kind of fun party songs that Less Than Jake built their nearing two decade history. From the 'begging for a call-and-response' exuberance of "I Can't Yell Any Louder" to the skank-inducing "Goodbye, Mr. Personality" to the pogo-stomp of "Harvey Wallbanger" to the reggae-sway of "Oldest Trick in the Book" to the breakneck punk stylings of "Life Out Loud", Less Than Jake pack everything that made them one of the reigning godfathers of the US ska scene. "The songs came together naturally and everyone added certain parts and ideas to the songs that made each of them shine," Vinnie adds.

Less Than Jake returns to Vans Warped Tour this Summer, a festival which the band has headlined countless times. "Warped has made a name for being 'punk rock summer camp' and maybe it currently doesn't live up to those words but it certainly provides an outlet for bands of every genre to play in front of different crowds," he explains. "That's what makes it unique to what it was known for early on." Kicking off on June 24th in Dallas, TX, they will join Against Me!, D.R.U.G.S., A Day to Remember, amongst others on the touring festival. For Warped dates, please go to www.warpedtour.com.

Greetings From... was produced and recorded by Roger Lima at The Moathouse and mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton. It will be released on June 20, 2011 on Sleep It Off Records.


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Trailer for Less Than Jake's DVD collection "Anthology" out on Sleep It Off Records on June 21, 2011


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