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    Le jour ou tout a bascule: Une femme a profité de mon handicap; avec Tulika SRIVASTAVA, comédienne indienne


    par tulisri

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    In French.
    Story in English:
    Amshula is the young assistant of a blind piano accorder Jacques. Both are close and share a certain complicity. Amshula is secretly in love with Jacques and prepares him wonderful indian cuisine. One day, Lucy, a new client of Jacques shows a lot of interest in him. He commands flowers through Amshula for his first date with Lucy. After this date, Jacques falls madly in love with Lucy. Both of them start dating almost everyday
    On the other side, Amshula, who not only feels a bit lonely by the absence of Jacques, starts remarking serious falls in Jacques accounts. She tries to warn him, but he does'nt want to listen anything and takes it for jealousy. Lucy even makes Jacques throw Amshula out of her job. Amshula does'nt give up and warns the police who discover the reality and arrest Lucy. Jacques realises his fault and finally falls for Amshula. Having developed real sentiments for her, at the end he asks her for marriage.