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    Lomi Lomi Massage Workshop (Rochester Minnesota)


    by MassageNerd


    42 CE's + 6 Ethic CE's

    Here is a "basic outline" and not necessarily in this exact order. The reason for this is every training is dictated and guided by the group and their needs at any given moment in time . Manawa = be in the moment /here now.

    Day 1 - we learn about the history and the principles of the huna.
    We begin the study of the ancient dance "The Flight" (The basis of the work)
    We begin to work with our forearm movements and exercises to make this easier on our bodies.

    Exercises "In the moment" - opening levels of awareness.
    Breathing techniques and understanding the HA Breath (The breath of life)
    Draping Techniques
    Hands on forearm practice/exchange prone position on the upper back

    Day 2 - Yoga or stretches to prepare out bodies
    We dance the flight each day to become more graceful and flowing.
    Creating Sacred Space.
    Prone position- forearm techniques - practice and exchange, upper back and legs.
    We continue to study the principles of the huna.

    Day 3 - Movement exercises & dance - Silence usually on one day
    Hula movements
    Compassionate touch exercises
    Ho'opono - "To make right and bring in balance" = how to get along and be truthful (Group discussion)

    Hands on Practice - prone exchange 1 hr each, Supine demo

    We practice turning over our client and getting comfortable with the flow of the supine position.

    Evening Session - TBD (this is determined always by the group dynamics and what we need to address and cover at this time). It is often a full body demo to prepare you for the upcoming day. Students will view the basic sequence/draping etc.

    Day 4 - Q&A - Morning Meditation and stretching
    Techniques in supine position - practice
    E Ho Mai - The sacred chant/prayer
    Heart Centered healing exercise
    The Flight with partners

    Evening -Rites of Passage Ceremony - this is a tradition that is done the evening before your full body exchange. It is an intiation and/or blessing into lomi. This was/is an honor of your commitment and diligent work. No one is ever allowed to place hands on someone traditionally without exploring their reasons/gifts, knowing who they are... and making it known.

    Day 5 - Group practice on "me".
    Students will be required to create a sacred space and honor the tradition of spending 15 mins to demonstrate their commitment and what they have learned in their hearts.

    Exchange sessions with each other (2 hrs a piece). All day.
    Closure & Sharing