Classic Game Room - DEFENDER for Colecovision review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the iconic DEFENDER for the Colecovision video game console! This Defender review shows off the Eugene Jarvis masterpiece as it was released by Atarisoft for Coleco Vision. This game was originally a 1980 arcade hit from the masters at Midway. Regarded as one of the best games ever created, Defender is in many ways a very early SHMUP style horizontal shooter. It is different from most SHMUPS in many ways, but it does have a space ship, the space ship shoots things and those things happen to be aliens. Blast the evil landers before they kidnap humans and turn into mutants! Defender was released on numerous game platforms over the past 30 years (almost 30 years) like the Atari 2600, Playstation and Xbox Live Arcade XBLA. The game has staying power because of its fun and addictive gamplay and steep difficulty curve. Crush alien invaders like a maniac in DEFENDER and blast your way to a high score. Classic Game Room reviews the best new and retro video games, hardware, joysticks and equipment daily. If you are a retro gamer or old school video game enthusiast, you need to be watching CGRHD.

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it's just so amazing, the COLECOVISION !!!!
By Adamchevy Last year