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    Classic Game Room - ATARI COLECOVISION Expansion Module 1


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    Classic Game Room HD reviews the Atari 2600 game playing Colecovision Expansion Module #1 for the Coleco Vision video game console! Play all of your favorite Atari 2600 VCS titles like Yars' Revenge, Mario Brother, Defender and Combat on your Colecovision with this handy and stylish Expansion Module #1. It plugs right into the front of your 1980's old school ColecoVision game console and plays retro old school video games with ease and clarity. No need to have two game systems hooked up to one television with this thing, play games from multiple game consoles and impress your friends. We wonder if they will ever release a Colecovision Expansion Module that plays Playstation 3 PS3 games and Xbox 360 games on the Colecovision, that would be rad. Party like it's 1982 with a can of Tab, a Ronald Reagan t-shirt and your Coleco Vision game console complete with the Expander Module to play Atari 2600 games. Being old school was never so cool. Classic Game Room reviews the best of the new and old school video game accessories and hardware.