RE: Crying and Farting Massage Clients

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Question: Hello MassageNerd, this was meant to be a question for your YouTube video answering project, but couldn't find the e-mail link. So here goes: I am studying to become a massage therapist myself. I do like it very much and hope to start soon enough with practice lessons. In the course, we learn about the psychogenic effects of massage, and that massage can sometimes evoke emotional reactions in clients. So, how do you deal with a client who gets emotional or starts crying during treatment? Do you stop and talk? Anyway, I think a massage therapist is not a psychologist. Also, when a client gets his relaxation during massage, it might make him fart. Although this seems a normal side effect, I'm scared to start laughing in such a situation. Have you ever seen such a situation where the client has flatulence? I assume the therapist does nothing and goes on w his job. Or? Well, thanks anyway for all you do and such great resources you provide us with. I wish you lots of joy during your work, and hope to be your 'friend' in the near future! Kind greetings, Ludwig (Belgium)