Time vs Newsweek: provocative covers stir controversy

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Last week Time magazine's cover brought the breastfeeding and attachment parenting debate into the national spotlight. This week it was Newsweek's turn to stir up controversy, with its cover on the First Gay President.

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Time magazine not only brought attention to the attachment parenting movement, it also inspired conversation on using provocative images and copy to revive the ailing print industry. Many critics are calling this issue a "stroke of genius" and "an example of print well done," including magazine expert Samir Husni.

Newsweek came out with its controversial copy and image combo just a few days later, with similar results. The cover featured a tight shot of President Obama with a rainbow-colored halo above his head.

Newsweek discussed Obama's "evolution" when it came to his support of same-sex marriage. It also raised the question of whether or not controversy overpowers quality.

Did you see the Time breastfeeding or Newsweek gay president covers? If so, did they make you stop and browse the magazine? Let us know in the comment section.