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    Kyoto University Students' Protest: "Stop Calling Murder A Science!" (Oct. 1, 2011)/京大生が御用学者に猛抗議


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    This video is part of the confrontation at Kyoto University on October 1, between Dr. Sentaro Takahashi, Vice Director of Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University, and the Kyoto University students who are members of Zengakuren (National Federation of Students' Self-Government Associations).

    Dr. Takahashi was responsible for organizing the public lecture by Dr. Yoshiya Shimada of National Institute of Radiological Sciences, who is known for his claim that radiation exposure up to 100mSv/yr is safe. The students had been opposing the lecture, but Dr. Takahashi decided to go ahead and refused to let them in.

    To the original video (, there are many comments from people who actually live in Fukushima, thanking the students for standing up for them.

    Translation by EX-SKF blog and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.

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