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    End of Crisis - "Outlast" BlankTV Exclusive!


    by BlankTV

    ALBUM RELEASING APRIL 2nd 2012! Will be available online, and in stores at :, HMV, iTunes, Chapters, Indigo.
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    To suffer is to survive, and few young hardcore units are as bound to this cold truth than the resilient Canadian act End of Crisis. Having been forced to endure the tragic loss of guitarist Tonny Grondin while on tour in late 2010, what could have resulted in the group's immediate disbanding instead fueled the band's resolve to forge ahead, honoring their fallen brother by carrying on his vision for End of Crisis.

    Outlast deals with this idea of lasting longer. No matter what you do in life, it is crucial to do things in order to evolve and go somewhere. The passing of time change our surroundings, as well as our state of mind. It is our duty to make the most before it all fades away. Since no humans last forever, nature seems to be the only eternal element on this planet earth.

    The profound wisdom gained by the remaining members of the band has set the tone for even deeper meaning to their music than before; concepts of hope, destiny, inevitability of change and the need to adapt, among other existentialist reflections, are all subjects to be explored by End of Crisis with their new material.

    As the North American underground will soon find out, the band's passionate blend of half-part melodic hardcore, half-part brutal metalcore is enough to make any angry kid step off and mosh. These gentlemen from Montreal are armed with a new van, trailer, record, shirts, and live backdrop, the band is eager to showcase their powerful new material to fans across Canada and the U.S into 2012. Catch the band live to bear witness to the true meaning of perseverance.

    Tour dates :
    Eastern Canada Takeover Tour :


    Blank page... It must be because I am exhausted/ Sleepless nights since tomorrow holds no promise of daylight/ They say you spend half your life sleeping/ I guess I'd rather stay awake In order to not miss on a thing, so I don't miss on a thing / Over time, I've learned that this life we lead offers so many opportunities/

    When I get pushed away, I will never back down/ Stack all the odds on my side, here is my chance to OUTLAST / What would be a man be without his passion & convictions ?/

    I am condemned to pursue my life, regardless of my feelings towards it / I am stuck in a cycle that I try to define/ I guess we all are just trying to survive

    When I get pushed away, I will never back down/ Stack all the odds on my side, here is my chance to OUTLAST /

    There is no single way of doing things/ Conformity can be found along many paths/ When you turn your back on one system, you're ending up following another one, and that is just the way it goes/

    Life goes on and on, and I'll try my best to move on/ There's nowhere else to go, one thing is for sure is that my strength will grow / - End of Crisis - "Outlast" - Like this video? Come see hundreds more at! - the Net's biggest home for metal, death, grind, thrash, rapcore, heavy and hard rock music videos!
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