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    Beastie Boys Sabotage Video Starring Kids


    par Spi0n

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    Luxuriantexclus626 --> view online at this url
    UPDATE: :: see online on this page
    Par Gustyjail54158En juin
    This is the only website that has a working version
    That's a great video guys! Sabotage has always been one of my favorite videos and this is a great twist on a classic. I've always loved making videos too. I'm interested in this website I've just heard of that is a way for regular people to show off their talents and get them out there in the hopes of being discovered. It's called Make A Star and people who are talented singers, songwriters, music video directors or stand up comedians, all have a chance now to put their talents up against other peoples talents. The winners of the contests get $100 at the end of it and contests only last one month and then its time for new contests. To enter all you need do is submit your video so visitors to the website can vote.
    Par OneInchSamIl y a 4 ans
    Euh... Désolé je connais pas bien votre site, mais ce serait cool de votre part de mettre au moins le réalisateur de la vidéo. Il s'agit de James Winters (
    Par KamibobIl y a 4 ans