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    Classic Game Room - SEGA SATURN CONTROLLER model 1 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews the Sega Saturn Model 1 controller for the Sega Saturn video game console. There are two different versions of the standard, American Sega Saturn controller. A model 1 and a model 2. Which is better, what are the differences and can I collect them both and be happy with my life (yes)? The model 1 gamepad from Sega is well built and rugged with a nice, textured surface and a unique D-pad. It has a six button layout, a lengthy controller cord and an affordable price tag today. Play games like Radiant Silvergun, Darius Gaiden, Virtua Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat with this awesome Sega Saturn Model 1 controller. Classic Game Room reviews old school and retro video games and hardware and accessories. Only the CGR review show brings you the best, macro footage of your favorite gaming equipment, joysticks, console reviews and technical doohickeys. Don't let your Sega Saturn end up in the Saturn Junkyard, bring it back to life and play the heck out of it with one of these awesome Sega Saturn controllers! Word!