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    Classic Game Room - LIFE FORCE for Nintendo NES review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews LIFE FORCE for the Nintendo Entertainment System NES video game console! This Konami released SHMUP hit NES consoles in 1988. A revamped version of Salamander (as it was named in Japan), Life Force features exciting horizontal and vertical scrolling shoot em' up space ship madness. Similar to Gradius (very, very similar), Life Force has weapon upgrades, shields, lasers and missiles that glide along the ground and wipe out waves of alien enemy invaders invading something... or are you invading their homeworld? Who cares. Things explode and you have fun. LIFEFORCE is a great example of an old school arcade style game that was awesome in 1988 and remains awesome in 2008. Cheap to buy, easy to find and loads of fun, Life Force is a must have for retro gamers today. If you like retro gaming, SHMUPS, space ships and Gradius style video games, LIFEFORCE is the NES classic for you! Another old school review show from Classic Game Room here on Nintendo Week! Will Life Force see a remake on the Wii, Xbox 360 XBLA or PS3 in the future?