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    Classic Game Room - FAR CRY VENGEANCE for Wii review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews FAR CRY VENGEANCE for the Nintendo Wii. We shed many a tear while playing this game. It made us cry with its horrid controls, awful graphics and terrible enemy AI. There is a new Far Cry 2 out for PS3 and Xbox 360 which looks awesome!! This game... well, pick up Far Cry 2 instead. Far Cry Vengeance was a major disappointment for us. Granted this game is cheap now and easy to find; you can pick up a copy for $5-$15 out there in Internet land or at a used game store. The footage and gameplay of FarCry Vengeance will show the kind of game that this is: a game that was clearly made for another game console and then ported over to the Wii with a great deal of sloppitude (we made that word up). This Far Cry review does not sugar coat the fact that although there may be great games with the name Far Cry, this one on the Wii is not them. You play as some bohunk with a collection of machine guns and machetes, helped out by a stereotypical hottie with a crop top and sordid past. Fight your way through tropical jungles, jet ski wonder vacations and crappy air bases. Use the Predator mode for further frustration. Far Cry Vengeance should only be played by those who are desperate for a shooter on the Wii and only have $5 in their pocket. Classic Game Room reviews all kinds of new and old video games to help you make up your mind about buying them. Revisit the past, present and future of gaming at Classic Game Room.