[Release] Minecraft Force Op Hacking Tool 1.2.5 Free [Exploit] [Direct Download No Surveys]

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Free Minecraft Force OP Exploit Toolkit - PC/MAC - All Servers 1.2.4/1.2.5 - 2012

Quick Description:

This program Minecraft Force OP Exploit Toolkit makes a remote console to the server that you’re playing in, and it sends a packet of the same op list but with you in it, then removes the remote console and ops you.Which means you will be the Minecraft Op.This now works on bukkit servers, and on all other servers.

How to Download Minecraft Op Exploit Toolkit
For a limited time only, we are releasing a few copies of this. We are limiting the number of downloads so it will no spread to much and no longer work. We may add more downloads if we get Good Feedback. Get them fast while you can!


I just tried but won't work i just found an updated version of the file

Get UPDATED file at >>>>> goo.gl/cNS7ik

By Smith Marion 4 weeks ago
It's Probably here: bit.ly/1HVsL93
No thanks!:)
By Ralia June
working serials at this website ----> wtc.la/peyj
try --> bit.ly/1tCgVnj or po.st/UsqO2m
By walltotares1982 November
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By Bridgette Ashley last year
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