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    A Black Cherry ("Une Cerise Noire") - Trailer


    par LaFrancaiseDeComptages

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    A Benoit Afnaïm creation, produced by La Française de Comptages, with music by Michel Risse.

    See the creation of a cinematic masterpiece first hand! It’s a complete film studio on a flatbed truck: watch the film unfold in real time, as it is being shot, edited and shown on a giant screen.

    A film, a studio set, a technical performance and a street show all in one, A Black Cherry offers a unique and novel experience for all audiences.

    A Black Cherry pays homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the detective archetypes it spawned. It takes you behind the scenes of the movie business: filming techniques, editing, set changes, special effects, preparing actors, lighting… It’s the DVD industry turned on its head: the making-of is the feature, and the movie the bonus track. 14 sets and 21 actor/technicians engage in a ballet of clockwork precision.

    LIBERATION (national press) « A Black Cherry by Benoit Afnaim takes you on a journey into filmmaking, behind the scenes and inside the special effects. The performance on the big screen requires a choreography of clockwork precision, with changing sets, actors and technicians, all caught in a race to make fiction look like reality.»

    L’HUMANITE (national press) « There is a bustle of activity all over the place: on the stage, on the screen and on the sets, in a frenzied high-wire act of deft coordination. The audience is plunged into a dizzying void that is a delight for the eyes… »

    L’UNION (regional press) «This show is phenomenal. Full of precision, humor, imagination… a work of great complexity which unfolds with hypnotizing fluidity.»

    TELERAMA (national press) « A massive undertaking. A truly artistic and technically proficient performance. An intricate ballet of crew and camera, sets and storyline, where the live action is projected on a giant screen simultaneously. Breathtaking and engaging. »

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