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    Paul Whiteman - That American Boy Of Mine, 1922


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    Grzegorz, it seems my response vanished... I'm thrilled you uploaded another of those excellent very early Whitemans, and I enjoyed the vintage pictures depicting the happy and optimistic mentality after World War I.
    Przez kspm0220s4 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Thanks G, I always appreciate any early Whiteman recordings. The period photos accurately convey the innocence and optimism of post WWl USA. The world was honestly thought to be safe for democracy with happy days to follow. I checked out the Charleston video and liked it. I'm sure that few are able to match the skills of those award winning dancers and must settle for just having fun.
    Przez Boston Blackie4 lata temu
    Lana, "morphed" is a perfect term for today's versions of the shimmy or a charleston. What I see on YT clips made during the annual e.g. charleston contests in USA has not much to do with the original charleston, anymore. As you said - it's rather a lot of fun or sometimes even an acrobation show, than anything else. Still, I like watching them especially when these dances are made by the real dance floor masters. I wonder if you ever saw the clip I once made from a blend of the charleston soundtrack I took from the great Ken Russell's movie "Boy Friend" and the charleston show once presented in one of LA nightclubs by two pairs of the world champions in charleston: Jeremy & Alicia and Minn & Corina. Go and see it, it's just fantastic!
    Przez grzegorz2402524 lata temu
    Hello Grzegorz - We had a discussion re: one step shimmy and the charleston - how they make a super come back now - in the new, "morphed" form of the line dances which are a lot of fun to dance in a group. This is a charming production - as always. Have a super good weekend!!!
    Przez tango37214 lata temu