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    Classic Game Room - EYEPET for Sony PSP review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room reviews EYEPET for Sony PSP, a virtual pet simulator played with the PSP and PSP Camera. The EyePet UMD for PSP comes with a card that you place on a surface which works with the PSP camera to use augmented reality style technology to place the Eyepet on that surface. Play games with it, name it, even go fishing. But don't forget to feed your eyepet and give it exercise or else it will run away and spread lies about you on Facebook. Oh no! Vindictive little suckers... Playing with the eyepet gets old fast, but the technology used to make this unique game is very cool. Another cool game using a similar card and virtual environment style is Invizimals. This CGR review of Eye Pet has gameplay from Eyepet showing Eyepet PSP camera gameplay in HD with an Eyepet videogame game play style.