Jakarta Punk: The Marjinal Story - Kickstarter Pitch


by BlankTV

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* Anyone who pledges $25 and up gets a limited edition DVD copy of Jakarta Punk: The Marjinal Story from our first production run. Hot off the presses and bristling with punk attitude! (shipped upon completion of film)

Dear Backers

Thank you for taking the time to check out our page on Kickstarter. We hope you are as excited to be a part of this project as we are. Please show your support and help spread the word about Jakarta Punk: The Marjinal Story.

What the film is about:

Marjinal is one of the original punk bands in Indonesia. Living in Jakarta, they took to the streets in the late 1990's with thousands of other students demanding the end of authoritarian rule by then President Suharto. Punk gave people like Mike and Bobby from Marjinal the impetus to protest and demand change against frightening odds. Out of a population of 240 million, 50 percent live in poverty and the number is growing. Punk and its radical attitude is a cry from the streets for change. No wonder punk rules in Indonesia! Through punk, Marjinal sings about the injustices in society. Our 30-minute documentary film on Marjinal is about how they want to start a revolution in Indonesia through the ideology of punk.

Why are we doing it:

Music and its importance to humanity is what we aspire to promote and illustrate. Jakarta's punks represent the Do it Yourself (DIY) mentality, the hope for a better future and the sense of community. It is the true essence of punk and it moves us to share it with the world. In order to continue our work on Jakarta Punk: The Marjinal Story, we need funding for work on the ground (translator, transport, crew) and for post production.

Beyond the documentary:

We have big plans for exhibits, bringing Marjinal on tour outside Indonesia, a photo book on Marjinal and Jakarta's punks and much more. Any additional funds we raise will improve our production standards for the film, and the better it does, the better position we will be in to achieve these future goals, raising the awareness of this dynamic and powerful punk movement in Jakarta and directly supporting the movement.

What's in it for you:

Check out our rewards. Wear them proudly or decorate your room with original artwork. Be a part of Indonesia's punk revolution!


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