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    Affiliate Marketing with Tiffany & Gary Blackden (62 Minutes)


    by MassageNerd

    Sponsors: Erik Dalton: Shelene Taylor: Tiffany Blackden has been doing massage for 12 years. She has built two massage clinics and another small business, with her husband Gary, in the last decade. They have also started and grown several large professional networking groups, taught networking and online marketing techniques to multiples of organizations, including Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, including a networking class at Colorado State University Business Day. Assisting others with small business success is something they are crazy-passionate about. During the 15 years Tiffany has been marketing massage clinics and chiropractic offices, she has arranged dozens of events for the purpose of marketing to local businesses.
    "Lunch & Learns, where a corporate office allows a professional massage therapist to come in and teach something of value to their employees, has been a valuable tool for introducing our massage therapists to new clients. Everyone in the room, of a presentation YOU are sharing, is a warm lead. When it comes to marketing tips for massage therapists, there are important pieces of the process of booking, executing, and following up on a presentation, that will help elsewhere in building a practice."

    Part of the process is knowing how best to encourage those potential new clients to take action and call you for an appointment! Offering your valuable information, not a commercial for your business, to attendees, having specific tools with you and using a couple of key strategies seem to be a way to improve the probability of getting some of those new contacts on your table.