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Tom Schaar Profile -- Worlds First 1080 Youngest X Games Gold Medalist -- Guinness World Records

il y a 6 ans717 views

On March 26th, 2012, Tom Schaar (Malibu, CA) made skateboarding history by successfully landing the world's first 1080 degree spin. The trick involves three full aerial revolutions, and requires a lot of speed.

Tom landed the 1080 on the MegaRamp at Woodward West, Tehachapi, CA.

In the week following our interview with Tom, he travelled out to Shanghai, China to compete in the X Games. He walked away with gold in the MiniMega event making him the world's youngest X Games gold medalist.

1080 footage provided by Red Bull Media House N.A., Inc

Am 26. März 2012 schrieb Tom Schaar (Malibu, CA) Skateboard-Geschichte, als er erfolgreich den ersten 1080 Grad Spin der Welt landete! Der Trick erfordert drei volle Umdrehungen in der Luft und benötigt eine sehr hohe Geschwindigkeit.

Tom landete den 1080 Spin auf der MegaRamp in Woodward West, Tehachapi, CA.