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    "Euro and Democracy at Risk" Say Greek Politicians in Wake of Elections


    by NTDTelevision

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    Sunday's election in Greece brought no clear winners, leaving politicians scrambling to form coalitions with the many new parties that have emerged in response to severe austerity measures. Some established Greek politicians claim the instability means that the euro and democracy itself are at risk.

    Content: With coalition government talks in Greece entering their third day on Wednesday, radical leftist Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet mainstream party leaders.

    However, after he set the condition of tearing up the EU/IMF bailout package, there is little chance of clinching a deal.

    Politicians attending Victory Day celebrations in Athens spoke of their concerns:

    [Yiannis Tragakis, New Democracy MP]:
    "Logic will have to prevail so that a solution can be found because if the solution is not found the European orientation of our country is in danger. We at New Democracy have suggested a centre-right administration which will protect our place in Europe and the eurozone. I repeat, I hope and believe logic will prevail."

    [Vyronas Polydoras, Vice President of Parliament]:
    "We have to organise a strong democracy that can solve problems and which will save this (democratic) system.”

    The highly inconclusive results of Sunday's election have brought into parliament a whole spectrum of parties deeply opposed to Greece's sever austerity measures.

    For example, the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen from relative obscurity to winning 21 seats in parliament in just over a year, principally by wooing Greeks who have suffered during the country's fifth year of recession and feel unsafe by rising crime

    Greek interior minister Tassos Giannitsis, from the socialist PASOK party, argues that without a democratic solution for the formation of a government, phenomenon such as Golden Dawn will only increase...