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    League of legends RP hack Varus Patch Working as 10 MAY ! PROOF | Direct Link


    by iknowmen


    Step 1: Click this link:

    Step 2: register and click "play for free"

    Step 3: Click CLOSE when your done registering.

    Step 4: Log into that account on LoL

    Step 5: Make a summoner and choose the 'sword with wings' as your icon.

    Step 6: You will receive 400 RP as a boost before you hit the RP Glitch/Hack

    Step 7: Level the summoner to lvl 5 or sometimes 10 lvl(Dominion is the fastest way if you ask me, all other game mods work aswell)

    Step 6: Wait til 1-2 days and your rp should be here

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