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    Caviar Manicure - Hot New Trend?

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    by Geo Beats

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    Caviar Manicure - Hot New Trend? - as part of the women's style series on beauty and fashion by GeoBeats.

    For the ancient Egyptians, makeup was so important that even dead bodies were buried with makeup pots as excavations have revealed.

    Makeup is just as important today and the plethora of choices are mind-boggling.

    What that also means is there's constant product innovation.

    One such example is the caviar manicure by Ciate - while the nail coat is not actually caviar, the two-step, three dimensional nail kit does resemble caviar eggs when applied.

    The kit contains two nail polish viles, one filled with traditional colored polish while the other contains small iridescent beads. The steps look easy enough: paint the nails with chosen color, sprinkle on some beads and voila – caviar resembling beaded nails!

    You can take your pick from multiple colors that Ciate offers.

    Three dimensional nails are all the rage these days.

    Even Celeb Katy Perry is a fan as witnessed by her recent twitter picture.