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    Incredible Feather Art

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Incredible Feather Art - as part of the series on arts by GeoBeats.

    Thinking outside a box? More like thinking outside a canvas for the UK based artist Ian Davie.

    Instead of using a typical canvas, he has come up with the creative idea of using feathers as his canvas. His fascination for wildlife combined with the desire to use a natural and sustainable 'canvas' led him to his exploration of using swans' feathers.

    All of the feathers used come from a bird reserve where the staff collects them during the course of natural shedding by swans. Over time, Ian has utilized what nature provide to paint all sorts of remarkable wildlife compositions.

    Some of the compositions even involve multiple feathers for showcasing nature's beauty. Ian's concept continues to evolve and grow.