Classic Game Room - GALAXIAN for Atari 5200 review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews GALAXIAN for Atari 5200! Namco's 1979 arcade masterpiece comes alive in this 1982 release for the Atari 5200. This Galaxian review has gameplay footage recorded from Galaxian on Atari 5200. Galaxian is an arcade video game coin-op classic and the prequel to Galaga. This Atari 5200 cartridge is affordable to collect today and can be found quite easily on places like eBay. Galaxian is a Space Invaders style game where you shoot aliens swooping down on you from above. Blast them out of the air for more points and save your shots to pick off the red and yellow ones. Galaxian is fast paced and challenging due to the wild attack patterns that are difficult to predict. Galaxian is also available on Atari 2600 and comes on numerous Namco compilation game releases for Playstation and other game consoles. Classic Game Room HD reviews Atari 5200 video games as an Atari 5200 reviewer reviewing Atari 5200 games like Galaxian.