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    Classic Game Room - PONG for Nintendo DS / GBA review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews PONG for the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance. Pong, published by Atari on the GBA game cartridge, comes with Yars' Revenge and Asteroids. Pong was originally released in 1972 and programmed by Allan Alcorn, distributed by the Atari of Nolan Bushnell. One of the most iconic video games ever created and regarded as the first "commercially successful" video game, Pong enjoys worldwide fame to this day. Pong was originally played with an analog control, or paddle (or knob) and was considered a sports game replicating tennis. Pong on the Nintendo DS can be played one player or two player, player one controls the block (or paddle) with the D-Pad and plays the CPU. In a two player game, player 1 uses the d pad and player 2 uses the buttons. Graphically solid and with excellent Pong-sounds (beep, boop), Pong loses much of the fun when played with a D-pad that is essentially a digital on and off controller. Buy this game cartridge to get Yars' Revenge and Asteroids. Pong is an awesome game and should be played in its original form with a paddle or some form of analog controller. Early Atari paddle games are nothing more than advanced versions of Pong, Pong is the original awesome paddle game! This CGRHD review of Pong has gameplay footage from Pong recorded in High Definition. Classic Game Room HD reviews Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS video games as a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing games like Pong! Pong is seen in commercials and television shows like Futurama.