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    Classic Game Room - AIR CONFLICTS: ACES of WWII for PSP review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews AIR CONFLICTS: ACES OF WORLD WAR II for the Sony PSP handheld game system. This handheld arcade style flight combat action game should appeal to video gamers who enjoy air combat games like Ace Combat, Blazing Angels and HAWX. Pilot a variety of aircraft from World War 2 in this fast paced, action packed shooter on the PSP. This CGRHD review of Air Conflicts has gameplay footage of Air Conflicts recorded from PSP, Playstation portable. You can play as the RAF, United States, Russia or Germany in WWII. Fly a variety of missions where you gun down enemy airplanes, bomb targets, defend bombers and lay waste to cities. Planes like the Spitfire, B-17 and Messershmit are in the game. As you progress through missions new planes are unlocked. Air Conflicts is a fun and entertaining arcade air combat game and an exciting 2009 release from Graffiti. If you have a PSP and want to turn airplanes into flaming heaps of exploding wreckage then pick up the Air Conflicts Aces of World War 2 UMD disc today! Classic Game Room HD reviews PSP games as a PSP video game reviewer reviewing PSP games like Air Conflicts.