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    Classic Game Room - TENCHU SHADOW ASSASSINS for PSP


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews TENCHU SHADOW ASSASSINS for the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) handheld game system. This Classic Game Room reviews of Tenchu Shadow Assassins has gameplay footage from Shadow Assassins published by Ubisoft. Watch ninja stealth action set in Feudal Japan in this third person perspective video game. Hide in the shadows, lurk beneath steps or in bushes, climb ceiling rafters and assassinate enemy guards on missions to complete the storyline. Play as two different characters, master numerous ninja weapons and play on the go with the PSP. The bite sized missions and numerous save points make Tenchu Samurai Assassins an entertaining game to pick up and play on the bus or between classes. Graphics and sounds aren't bad and the Sony UMD can be had at a reasonable cost. If slow paced strategy ninja samurai games with thought and style are what you're looking for then Tenchu may be the answer. This is a review of the Tenchu Samurai Assassins PSP version. Classic Game Room now reviews Sony PSP video games as a PSP reviewer reviewing PSP games like Tenchu Shadow Assassins. Includes gameplay from Tenchu Shadow Assasins for the Sony PSP showing the ninjas in action!