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    Tina Dietz from Evergreen Experiment (61 Minutes)


    by MassageNerd

    Tina Dietz has a not-so-secret plan to build an ideal world, one entrepreneur at a time. Her unique whole-person approach to business and coaching started young: she began taking calls for her family's retail alternative energy store at only four years of age. From that early experience onward, Tina gained an intuitive grasp of the important interplay between personal goals and professional goals, and the impact relationships can have on success in all areas of life.

    Once bitten by the business bug, Tina was off and running as a serial entrepreneur. While continuing to help her family in their business ventures, she started a number of successful companies, including Meditation Chocolate, offering candy with a mindful twist; Peekaboo ICU, providing babywearing products and services while empowering entrepreneurial new parents; Love the One You're With, a workshop for couples; Mommy Move N Groove, an exercise class for postpartum women, and many more. After earning a Master of Science in Counseling and Educational Development, Tina also designed and served as program director for Tremendous Teens of WNY, a non-profit leadership program for teenagers.

    When Tina partnered with Neil Striker to found the Evergreen Experiment, she was able to bring her unique take on the entrepreneurial world to life in a format that created thriving businesses and thriving individuals. Her experience and education as a business owner and counselor laid the foundation for EgX's transformational course. "I found a way to address coaching and the coaching process that impacts business results, but reverberates into the fabric of all the relationships of the person being coached. When someone's life comes into alignment--business, relationships, health, spirit, and finances--it shifts the person, then the family, and then the community. Ultimately, it's a giant plot to create utopia."

    Tina is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades when it comes to humanity, and she brings to her personal life the same energy and enthusiasm evident in her business endeavors. She is a proud wife, mother, and daughter with a deep connection to her family. Tina has a passion for dance, especially belly dancing and African dance. She also enjoys cooking, singing, travel, reading a juicy novel, comedy--from silly songs, to stand up, to films--and holistic health, which she has made a lifelong study of.