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    Classic Game Room - ZEITGEIST for Playstation 1 PS1


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    Classic Game Room HD reviews ZEITGEIST for the Japanese Playstation 1 PS1. Zeitgeist, from Taito, was released as Jupiter Strike by Acclaim in the US and UK. This 3rd person perspective SHMUP style space ship shooter has space ships, laser beams, missiles and end bosses. Sadly it suffers from terrible controls and sluggish gameplay. Released in 1995 Zeitgeist is a bargain PS1 game today for fans of space ship shooters, Jupiter Strike for the PS1 is also a bargain. This review has SHMUP space combat Zeitgeist gameplay and footage from the Japanese PS1 shooter game disc purchased as for a bargain price. CGRHD can't read Japanese so I made up my own story once again. The Zentradelghast Space Empire attacks earth and crushes the E.S.U.C.K. (Earth Strategic United Country Kommand). Only one XR3Ti space craft is left with a full tank of gas and it is up to you to save Earth from destruction! Classic Game Room HD reviews Japanese PS1 shooters and video games with space ships from Japan for the Playstation 1. CGRHD is an American reviewer reviewing Japanese video games like Zeitgeist, Thunder Force VI and Front Mission 5.